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Open Competitions

Boys' Open Medal (1847) - Thursday 11 April 2024

A manifest example of The Blackheath Club's pioneering heritage is its creation of the concept known as 'open' competition, specifically one open to participants who are not members of the Club, by virtue of its inaugurating the Boys' Medal in 1847. This medal is, therefore, the oldest open competition in the world, 13 years older indeed than The Open Championship itself, a little known fact but one in which we justifiably take great pride!

2024 Winner - Tommy Hulance of Dartford GC, with a level par, 71.

Tommy beat 58 other entrants and joins a long list of winners of the oldest open golf competition in the world.

Completing the top 5:

2nd Tom Chapman (0)  Littlestone - 74
3rd Haiden Matos (1)  Dartford Golf Club - 74
4th Jonathan Kay (0) RBGC - 74
5th Scott Antoun (1)  Wildernesse - 75

Open Royal Blackheath Trophy - Thursday 11 July 2024

In 2021 Royal Blackheath Golf Club, the originator of the 'open golf' concept, launched a pioneering Open Handicap Trophy.

In 2021 Royal Blackheath Golf Club introduced the UK's first amateur handicap singles competition open to both men and women golfers. For the first time in the UK, men and women competed against each other, under handicap, at the same time, on the same course, for the same trophy. With all golfers now discussing this progression in the game, the Open Royal Blackheath Trophy allows handicap golfers to experience it for themselves.  The tees are rated for the Trophy, thereby facilitating any handicap adjustments necessary to ensure that men and women are able to compete against each other on an equal footing.


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